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Hey Lisa! Anyway,yes we went to Old Orchard Beach again with the kids last weekend...had a blast......but this weekend....let me tell you!!!Was soooooo fun Friday night!! First,got a babysitter Thursday night and hubby and I went to Barnes and Noble then to the mall and HE GAVE ME MONEY TO SHOP FOR MYSELF!!! OMG!!! yes,you read that right!! teehee! Anyway,on Friday night we got a babysitter...AGAIN!!! We went to the "Rack" in Boston and had a going-away get together for someone in his office and it was sooo fun!! We danced (first time in 6 years!) and played pool and laughed!! It was great!! I needed that so much! It's been over a year and a half since I've been out! And all w/o opiates girl!!! Girl,you really gotta get off that stuff,I'm telling ya....once you get past a month (and I know that seems like an eternity!) its smooth sailing from there! You really do start to forget about what it was like to constantly think about the pills,your world will evolve around something else! I think its wicked cool that you are tapering! I really think that would be the best way to stop...I never could do are one up on me there!
I look back now and have a totaaly different opinion on those lil devils........they are wicked,wicked,wicked!!!!! I now wonder how I could have let those things lead me around like that,have you ever looked back on some of the stupid stuff you did as a teenager.....crazy stuff...ya know??? Well, that is how those days of pill popping are starting to look to me! You are such a wonderful person and awesome mom!!!! You keep up the good work!!!!!!
Take care!

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