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Hey there~ Here is my story. I am 28 years old, single (engaged) and no kids. I am a paralegal for a real estate attorney and have been with this company since I was 22. I LOVE my job. One reason I love taking lortabs is because they make me preform better at work, fast pace, doing 10 things at once, calm my nerves, etc. I began taking the in November, 2002 due to chronic back pain from my gastric bypass surgery I had in June, 2002. I had lost 75 lbs. and my spine is unaligned. I have a vertebra (L5) that slips against S1 and pinches a nerve. I started going to my family doctor and he began prescribing lortab 5's every 4-6 hours. Then I went up to 7.5's every 4-6 hours. I was in pain but I was enjoying the highs more. I was taking 15-20 a day in the matter of 5 months. I went to see a pain management doctor and was put on 20 mg. Methadone every 6 hours, Oxycodone 5mg, 2 every 4-6 hours for break through pain. After taking the Meth for 7 days I noticed my tongue was swelling and getting tiny blisters over it. On day 11 of taking the Meth., I discontinued it because my tongue had over 100 tiny blisters on it. This was on a Friday. By Sunday night I was in a complete panic attack that last for three days. I called my doctor and told him about the Meth. His quote "I don't think that your tongue is going to fall off." I thought that I was going through WD from the Lortabs but it wasn't that because my doctor called me in 130 that morning and when I took them the anxity didn't ease. (This was Monday morning.) By Monday night, I was in the ER with the feeling that my throat was swelling shut. I couldn't sleep, lay down or even sit. All I could do was pace and cry for my boyfriend to help me. Like there was anything for him to do to make it better. Finally by 7:00 am Tuesday mrning he talked me into admitting myself into a detox center. They couldn't get me in for an evalutaion until 11:00 am but I knew that if I didn't go then that I would back out. So we went and I slept on the couch in the waiting room until I could talk to someone. Finally at 2:00 pm I was admitted and they gave me Clonidine and it knocked me out and then another sleeping pill at 11:00 pm that night. By the next morning I was fine. I didn't take another medication to help me for the next two days while I was there because I wasn't having symptoms severe enough. Then I did the out patient program~ three hours and night, four nights a week for three weeks. I stayed clean from April to June and started taking again for the "high" in the middle of June and currently take 4-20 a day depending on the supply. My boyfriend takes them to so we either have them or get them from other means. I know that it is time for me to quit because I don't want to even think about the WD again but I haven't hit that point. I think by me coming to this board shows me that I am getting pretty close to hitting the point of quitting again. It isn't fun anymore. I don't get a high no matter how many I take or how I take them. It is just something that I take these days to make me feel "normal" and get through the day. I am not as scared of the WD's as I am about the depression that follows. Welp, that is my story. If anyone has any comments PLEASE know they are welcome. I would love any advice or help!!

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