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Aug 16, 2003
i started suboxone this week 300.00 for first office visit and a 100.00 a visit after that.i got 10 pills to start wich cost 66.69 dollars,thank god my insurance covers it and i only paid friend is being treated also and he was unlucky because his insurance doesn't cover is truly a wonderful drug,took all the withdrawls away 100 %,i have more energy than i had in my whole life.i am doing all the normal things that i used to growing up,i am able to do everything i need to do around the house that i couldnt do when i was withdrawing from percocet and oxy's.the depression is completely gone and i feel happy.i started with 4 mg the first day and the second day i went to 8 mg and then 12 mg and now i am at 16 mg,thats 2 8 mg pills. 16 mg is all i need now i feel fine for a full 24 hours wich is what anyone taking suboxone will need to find out,what mg is needed for u to truly feel fine for 24 hours and 16 mg is what i needed.i broke the 8 mg pill in half to get the 4 mg(for the curious people).i also have a question,how long will i be on this drug and will the doctor force me off in time? i wanted to post because i got a lot of helpful info here and i wanted to share my experience with anyone here who migh tbe in need of help and i want to thank everyone who helped me in here from the bottom of my heart.if anyone needs a doctor u will have to look at the physician locator for your state and it will give yo a list of doctors that are allowed to prescribe suboxone for you.keep calling any and all of them and they will return your call,all of the doctors i called called me back the same day or the next day and told me to come right down or come down the next day,gave me a script and i was might be a little tough finding a pharmacy to fill it but be patient and call around or better yet ask your doc where to find one,he should know,bye everyone and stay strong and keep the faith you will make it through this

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