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Hey I have taken ultram and it does help very well for pain and will keep narcotic withdrawals away, when I was stopping my oxycontin a while back I started taking Ultram and it did help my back pain a little, but I do have major problems with my back, spinal surgery 4 months ago and now 3 hurniated discs, also it kept me from having withdrawals untill I stopped taking it. Ultram is made up of tramadol, wich does cling to the opiad sesors in your brain and spine, so in other words it acts just like narcotics in some aspests. You would probably do well taking it instead of vics, its not good to be taking vicoden for long periods of time and you doctor knows that! My sister has pain sometimes but she will not give anything else a try accept narcotics( vics, lortab,percocet,ect...) so I have to question why is that, I have come to the conclusion that she likes the BUZZ and energy from those pills, thats why she says nothing else will help her, even before she trys it. So give the Ultram a try cause it DOES kill pain very well and lasts a long time, just wont give you that fuzzy feeling or any kind of buzz. Hope this helps you some. Dont forget you are killing your liver with taking Vicodens for long periods of time!!

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