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the only difference,hope, is that i injected buprenorphine....your husband takes it sublinguial...the reason i went on the bupe is the same as everyone who is now eliglble to take it...i had a opiate addiction along with the disc problems..i wanted off pills...i thought that the buprenex/suboxone was the doctor at that clinic told me all about buprenorphine and the wonders it brings to pill addicts and heroin addicts..we are all the same ...its opiates we do like..he told me i would be on it for a period of time...transition from the heroin..percocetts,lortabs,vicodins,ect....and then when it came time to get off wean down and be done...(then i would take only what i needed for pain)..he told me id take the buprenex when i had my hard core flair ups and not to take opiates(but thats what bupenorphine is)...he told me w/d's would be tolerable...they werent and i relapsed...time and time have to want to quit opiates if you want to quit and you should not substitute nothin or look for a easy way out ...its not there...if people are going to need buprenorphine for the rest of their lives why take bupe? why not take small/small doses of something else thats an opiate...all of the junk will take away w/d's if thats what we are afraid of...addiction and recovery..i guess my opinion is if i want to be off opiates, i have to quit them all together...go thru the w/d's and woolah! unfortunately, me and w/d's dont go along excuse is i have to work...or i have pain...or i want to see my kids but i dont want diahrea...or id like to take the night off and go out but i got the goosebumps and jones-an feelin...or id like to get lucky tonight with my girl but i havent slept in three days...ect,ect,ect..i have a legit problem with my back but yet i feel olike i use the opiatesfor other reasons as well...i liked bupenorphine,4 years worth, but that is not the answer..if you wish to maintain for years,yes,its the answer....but i will tell you will get tired after awhile from taking it like the rest of the folks on this board as far as drugs go..i got tired of taking the on meth 40 mg..i probably would go back on bupe if i could,financial reasons keep me where i am at...meth is 15.00 for 50...bupe made my love life kick butt....gotta go clean the kitchen..thanks..will check back not mean to offend anyone...god bless us.......chef

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