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Re: Ultracet!
Aug 20, 2003
Hey the first time I went through w/ds I had 60 Ultams and took only 5 a day then 4 and continued tappering till I was out but the w/ds were still as bad, I promise you there is no easy way out of w/ds, I know you are trying to find one and I did too, but take our advice, there is none! One thing I did wonder about is if I switched to Ultram for a long period of time and tappered off of it would I just be withdrawaing from the ultram and not the stronger meds, but if you do some research, wich I have, you will see that alot of people have to check into in-patient d-tox to get off ultram as well as other pain meds that get abused! When it comes to the opiate addiction Philster is the one you want to take advice from!! Last thing is, if you you want to see the most effective Meds used during withdrawals, go to a search engine like yahoo and type in "narcotic withdrawal flow chart" it will tell you all you need to know! I also will tell you what helped me most during my withdrawals was the Catapres Patch, you will have to get it prescribed, meaning you'll need to go to the ER or a doc. and tell them whats going on, but thats usually the first thing they will give you. It WILL stop your skin from crawling and keep your heart from racing and last but not least it will stop the restless leg thing and let you rest. Its the same as chlondine, they are a med that regulates your blood pressue, its used for people with TICS and prescribed for hyper active kids and for narcotic withdrawals, it will do the same thing as Ultram or Ultracet but it actually is more help, you will still have the w/ds but It cut my withdrawals in half, if not more, it was wonderful!! Stay strong my friend! Hope this helps a little!

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