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Hellooooo my friends :) I got back Saturday from my Vacation in Missouri and yes I detoxed again like last summer. For 10 days I went cold turkey from the Percocets now my tolerance level is back down to where 1 tab lasts me 6 hours and I am taking 3 a day so far as compared to the 6 or 8 I was taking before I left.
I had my little helpers my 0.05 mg of Ativan when needed my 3 Immoduim a day as needed and of course my RED BULL energy drink. I swear by that stuff and you know what? The withdrawls werent bad at all I couldnt believe it. I am totally convinced now that a change of scenery and always having something to do like boating, the Missouri state fair etc made me get through it easier. I sure know where I am going again if I ever want to detox for good. We cant buy Red Bull here in Canada which drives me crazy because for me anyway it really does help the WD.
So how are you all doing?? Risky? Okie? Hope? A.C.? RLcowboy? Deerme? Tex? Oh Tim my Tim ;)?? Updates plz? I missed you all so much. God Bless you all.
Autumn. :)

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