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Re: W/d fear
Aug 24, 2003
Hi there Captain Jack :) I know what your sayin thats forsure. I have been through WD's a few times. All times were different though. I have never WDed from anything but percocet.
I just finished a 10 day detox in Missouri (I live in Canada) and I did a 14 day one there last yr and it was the easiest thing I have ever done. Of course there was my CP condition flaring its ugly head but I took tylenol for it and suffered a little that way.
I had to take Immodium twice and Ativan to sleep...I drank about 4 cans of Red Bull energy drink a day and my one a day womens multi vitamins with Iron.
I swear it was the change of scenery or the fact I had lots to do like boating and beaches but it was quite easy and over before I knew it.
When I detox at home I can barely get through 2 days I am miserable, I sweat, I have to use 2 packs of Immodium and I always needed Ativan to sleep.
So if there comes a day when I can actually get off these things and manage my pain at the same time I will be forsure going to my friend's place in Missouri to do it.
But Captain seriously which is it you think you would succed at?
Are you mentally strong enough for a taper? I hear you have to have nerves of steel. The Ct approach is hell we all know that. How about combining the 2? Depending on how many pills you have left talk to Philster he has a wonderful taper program typed here somewhere maybe he will give you the link to it. A few members are trying it now.
Or make your own taper program like cut off a pill once a week...get down as far as you can before you run out and then CT it. It wont be as bad if you taper first. Let us know what you want to do and everyone will support you :) Take care and God bless.
Autumn Angel :)

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