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thank you Autumn Angel, your kind words have been a great help. i have been eating o.k. not what i normally eat, but something for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe through the night. i ate chicken for supper today. 1 piece, but i couldnt eat it yesterday.

the vodka does seem to help. it made my stomach cramp back up, but the pepto is still controlling that. when i used to go on a crystal meth binge and be awake for a week, i'd drink the last night and 9 times out of 10, sleep.

i also have taken a small dose of "buspar" just now, after reading on another health site that the buspar will not increase the alcohol effects and vice versa. my brother got a couple for me. they are similar to valium/xanax, but dont physically relax muscles, just releave anxiaty and tension.

i feel tired, but not sleepy. is this still normal to be awake the 4th night in a row? seems kinda rough (the not sleeping part), but in all other ways i am seeing improvements by the meal/day!
Your very welcome :) Yes it is normal sad to say for the 4th night. Sometimes it takes up to 7 to get a full nights sleep. That Buspar might help I hope. I am glad your eating is increasing after all you need some sort of energy and nutrition. I am glad your feeling better I just hope you can sleep soon. I will check on you tomorrow...Take care and God Bless.

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