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Lucky NA vs AA??
Aug 23, 2003
How was your golf game? I heard your son beat you!!?? Is that true??!!! Ha, ha that is so nice you can share that time with him, & that he can do it so young. My fiance's parents are avid golfers & swear my daughter is going to golf very early!! She already has a club (she's 18 mos old!!)

I worked today for the 1st time w/out true opiates. I bartend one morning a week at the airport. It's a good shift, very busy, make good money and then I'm home w/my daughter for the rest of the week. Until school begins again in less than 2 weeks.

But it was weird, driving home from work is where I usually pick up some pills and I wanted to get off the exit so bad, but not b/c I wanted to get high, but I guess it was nostalgia?? I don't know, that is my main thing that I need to get out of. When things get me upset or when I have to get something done and "need" more energy I would pop a pill. But now...not on as big a scale I don't take all my pills in the am I take 16 and then a couple hrs later take 4 and then a couple hrs later take another 4. Do you think I shouldn't be doing it that way? When I first saw the dr he said some do it that way, but it doesn't make a diff it's all in their head. What do you think? I think it's imp to break the cycle of pill popping, but I don't want the cravings of that cycle to mess me up.

Also, I wanted to ask you if you could explain the diff of NA vs AA. Do some prefer one over the other are they different? I have never been to either one.

Hope you & hope are having a great weekend!!

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