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Afrin Addiction
Feb 25, 2001
Can someone give me some suggestions to help quit using Afrin. It is my 2nd day and my head is going to explode
I just started using Afrin and i've heard it was addictive, i've had two nose surgeries becuase of not being able to breath though my nose, and most unfortunatly, i still can't. I found Afrin in my medicin cabnit, it was prescribed from a docter after my first nose surgery and he warned me it was addictive, i've only been using it for like 4 days, and when i don't use it (at night before i sleep) i can't breathe at all! i only use it in one nostril, (that sounds weird...) and now i've been getting chronic nose bleeds in that one...i have stopped using it but can't breathe now, does anybody have a recomondation for a better nose spray that won't become addictive but can still relieve my nose issues? if you have instant message (AIM or AOL) please i.m me at soaringsalad thanks

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