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Re: What is Lorcet?
Aug 29, 2003
Lorcet is 10/650
Vicodin is usually 5/500

Lorcet is twice as strong as vicoden, generally speaking. They are both hydrocodone and its a moderately addictive semi synthetic opiate. If you are taking it for pain and not recreation then I wouldn't be too concerned about addiction.

Perocet has Oxycodone which is a stronger semi synthetic opiate than hydro. It considered more addictive and has a higher potential for abuse. Once again though, if you are taking it for pain and not recreation you most likely will not get addicted.

If you take any opiate analgesic for more then 5-7 days in a row you will most likely develope a physical dependence. Thats just your body getting used to have the extra opiates in your body(yes, you have them naturally, aka endorphins) and you will have some physical with drawel symptoms. This is NOT addiction! Just a natural dependence that forms.

There is a small percentage(very small) that will develope an addiction to it even when they are taking it for pain. This is the exception and not the rule, by far. Using them for pure recreation though is opening a door for trouble, no matter who you are.

Yes, be careful with those. Do not take too much, Lorcet has a lot of tylenol in it. Its rare but large acute doses can kill you by sending your liver into toxic shock. Issues like this are very rare but they are why a physician needs to dispense these medications based on your medical history.

Hydro withdrawel symptoms can vary on so many levels that its inaccurate to label them as 'killer'. When you are going through w/ds you need to consider if you are:

a)A long time user who consumes a lot of hydro
b) Are you stopping suddently?
c) If stopping suddenly are we talking about 2-3 pills a day for a couple of weeks or 15 pills a day for months?
d) is this purely physical dependence you are w/ding from or is there a mental addiction there as well?

All of these factors and more contribute to the w/d experience as well as your own body.

Amy-if you are taking one or two once in awhile for migraines, you will not have w/d symptoms, if you do they are probably in your head. Make sure the Lorcet will not interact with any other med you might be taking and for goodness sake make sure you don't combine it with any OTC products that have tylenol. Its a SAFE drug and an extremely effective drug if used like it is supposed to be used.

Amy, I want to stress again that some people have a serious problem with opiates. The reasons are various, but its a vicious problem for those who have to deal with it. What I don't want to see is someone go without opiate pain medication b/c they read a few scary stories about them. For every person who has had serious problems with opiates there are many thousands who have not and that have benefitted from these wonderful medications. Some people have serious alcohol problems, at the same time many, many more people can use alcohol w/o a problem.

If you think you may be predisposed to abuse of these medications for whatever reason, then use them with extreme caution. If you think you will not, use them as needed and keep a check on it. They are not dangerous for most people. Good luck and I hope they work for you. I know what migraines are like, they are hell.

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