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Hope, Spark, well let me see which to answer first, hmmm

Hope my Dr and I have talked things through and I think we are fairly inline with how we will attack a situation. It would have to be a fairly serious, and I mean a serious medical issue to prompt me to use pain medication. I do have a high tolerance for pain, if I didn't I would not have been able to run marathons lol

Spark, never had the liver checked I was always cognizant of the level of Acetaminophen that was ingested daily and I was close was only pushing the ceiling for about a month before I switched to straight opiate based meds. As for where I got the pain meds it was always from a pharmacy, never got to buying from the street or friends. I did enough doc shopping and creative things to allow me to use multiple pharmacies without getting caught.

Spark let me know any other questions you may have and I'll try and be as helpful as I can. I can tell you i use a multitude of thoughts and visions to help stay off drugs plus I have this stubborn will power, which helps. Oh I also only use Aleve now and it helps somewhat but everyday I suffer with my back, but I made my bed with abusing the pills so I have to take each day as it comes, take some Aleve and truly enjoy that fact I'm clean from drugs and life really is wonderful, so very wonderful when you are drug free.


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