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I agree, Lt, that exercise really can be a big help. For me, it helped with the restless leg symptoms, and also helped pass the time since it was awful just lying around trying to sleep but knowing it wasn't coming! Plus, exercise gets your bodies natural "opiate" system going, so that helps too!

It can be hard to get motivated to work out when you are feeling like such hell, but from my experience, even a walk around the block helped.

I do have a question for you Lt...I'm not familiar with your story, from what i can ascertain, you are prescribed opiates for pain control, but do you consider yourself an addict?
You said before that someone had stolen your pills due to a recreational urge...I have to admit that phrasing stung a little. it is not good, or right to steal someone else's pills, although I admit I have done it. But I wouldn't classify my actions as a "recreational urge"...that seems to me to trivialize what addicts are experiencing. I was an addict, and desperate and "running as fast as I could" so to speak.
I don't mean to focus on one phrase, but I noticed that you have used it twice, and I wanted to let you know that while there is no "excuse" for stealing someone else's drugs, most of the time, it's due to a more serious problem than just a recreation.

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