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Your body is used to you supplying artificial substances to act on the opiate receptors in your brain. Our body produces opiate-like substances naturally (actually, what our body produces in the brain is stronger than any pain medication ever devised by man) but our ability to produce the substances naturally gets interrupted by our abuse of the drugs and our body quits producing the substances completely or produces them in such small amounts that it has no effect on the way we feel.

The substances I'm talking about affect our mood, the way we perceive pain, etc. They are super powerful. Well, when we stop taking the opiates after long periods of abuse, there is nothing there to fill those receptors so our body becomes hyper-sensitive to pain and our cells figuratively cry out for the opiates. Slowly but surely, our body will start producing the natural opiates after we have detoxed but it is not something that happens overnight.

I hope this helps a little.

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