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philster,i got started with narcotics in the summer of 98 for recreational use only.didnt take long for that to turn into everyday use and ive been usin everyday since then whether it be hydro,oxycodone,anything to catch a buzz and keep withdraws at bay.tried to quit usin time after time with no luck,and each year the amount of pills it took to get high kept growin and growin about the most hydro i took in one day was about 18-20 10mgs and the oxycontin was 300-500mgs if i could get accout has went way down,and finally i had enough.made the decision to try suboxone and started it on may worked fine but messed up and used after being on suboxone for about a over that and was doin good and had another one week binge that set me back even further.i think the more you use while usin the suboxone the less it works and it really messes with the brain as it doesnt know which way to go.gotover that and my dr put me on the 2mg pills of sub. and ive been doin good for about a month now,but its been a struggle to keep from usin and the dr doesnt want people on it for life if at all possible.go next tues. and im goin to make it my last visit and let the last script of sub taper me off of just goin to have to get tough and make it work,if you can stand months of withdraws i should be able to do it i think.i used to think i could get clean and use on weekends or special days but that aint happenin no time soon as i think if i ever get a few months clean and i mean without suboxone i dont want to ever take another pain pill again.if i take one its all over with i cant handle it and it is pitiful the way i am.the suboxone has helped me alot,but after awhile you get tired of it just like anything else and thats when stinkin thinkin comes the way,i have no real pain issues and get/got most of the pills off the street and im so glad i do not have real pain issues to deal with as i would be a goner.not to interesting but theres my story phil,try not to go to sleep when reading it lol.the sparkster

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