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Thanks so much to everyone that has replied to my question yesterday about Darvocet and Ultram use for withdrawl symptoms from Vicoprofen. I thought I better expound a bit and hopefully someone on here can relate and offer some advice or warning on how things may go. My use of pain medication came about for real reasons, major car accident, two story fall off a ladder, Cancer, bad knees, etc. But it has escalated to 20 or more pills a's funny it seemed to just sneak up on me. I could swear I took only 10 or so pills a day forever (or at least for 5 or so years) But looking back I did have a year or so when I went on Ultram and I seem to remember being in far better shape. Not only in the number of pills I was taking (rarely needing an early refill) but I was 20 pounds lighter, drank gallons of water a day, blah, blah, blah but I had a very good friend of mine call me one day, knowing that I too was a vicoden fan and ask me to help her get some pills. That was the beginning of the end. I am now completely broke, in real danger of losing my job, completely retarded (not literally but it's amazing how many things I simply don't remember anymore, or care about that I used to) I've put on 20 pounds, going from a size 6-8 to a size 10-12, I am a girl, so weight matters, but I am 5'11 so carrying the extra weight is a bit less noticable, to others anyway, I have developed some side addictions that are very troublesome as well. Not to mention costly. I have a 10 can a day Red Bull habit, at $2 a can, that a significant amount of money out the door, even more than I spend on pills or cigarrettes, oh that's another big stupid addiction. Anyway that's sort of the short story. I have been dating a man that I like a hole bunch as does he for the last 4 months or so and I certainly don't want to lose him....but I know that I am in the belly of the beast. There is little chance that I can pull of withdrawl symptoms without him noticing. I've recently (last week) had a hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer and gobbled up all of the pills my surgeon gave me, and my regular doctor is out of state until Monday, told me to cut down and he would be back. So, I am sort of digging myself out of my own grave here, but I've spent hours of every day for at least 5 years devising plans to quit. Up until today, I've found ways to continue on my meds...but I'm almost looking at this like devine intervention. I do truly need pain management, but I certainly don't have the intestinal fortitude to take hydrocodone in any form with any chance of staying on track. It's funny because at the higher doses I don't have the fun I used to when I started or was at lower doses. I've often kidded myself into thinking that the more I take the better the chances were for me to get that amazing feeling back, the euphoria, not the pain relief, which to be honest isn't a problem until I stop taking my meds. Yes I do have pain, yes it is a problem, it does affect my quality of life, but it's time to move on from this DEVIL PILL that's controlling my life. Maybe it's a life lesson, maybe a right of passage, maybe withdrawls are a lesson in themself. I do know it's time, I desperatly want my life, my career, my fire back. I know I can't do that while taking 20, hell even 1 vicoprofen a day. Oh, did I mention that I'm broke....sad story, but really my own fault. I chose to buy pills in leau of paying bills, which has led me to sell my house (I'm desperately waiting for teh day I'm not losing sleep about that one) but I've moved two weeks ago to a new house, that my son loves, I love and is in the heart of town a block or so from his school. It's time for Prudence to metamorphsise (sp) So here comes my problem, question....

So here are my questions in no particular order....

has anyone ever used ultram to manage w/d symptoms and if so how much of the w/d should I expect to have and for how long?

By the way in the last 6 years I have NEVER run out of these pills, not even I have no idea what the w/d process would look like, feel like, etc

has anyone ever used Darvocet to manage w/d symptoms and if so how much of the w/d should I expect to have and for how long?

Does anyone know if one is better for these symptoms than the other?

What kind of surprises can I expect?

Why did I become addicted? Why are there cigarettes and Red Bull in huge amounts that need to be part of the overall effect?

Is there anyone on here that is clean? Or am I fooling myself, I really feel like I need to anonomously reach out to someone that feels like I do.

Please, anyone.....I really need you


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