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Hi guys...i am currently "trying" the taper routine. I had about a 10 a day pill habit, but i am very tiny so that is probably quite a lot for a small person. I am down to 5-6 and having one hell of a struggle. I feel the same like i am in a constant state of w/d. I also do have pain issues, and an ulcer but mostly take them to escape from reality and be "super-mom". Well that got me real i sit , as always, wondering and worrying about pills.....tomorrow i am only doing 5 then Tuesday i will go down to 4 and stay there for 3 days. I will probably feel like crap, but this is something I HAVE TO DO!!! I am miserable on them and miserable off of them.....i am thinking about suboxone...seriously thinking about it. I want my old life has been so long since i have been pill free ....i just want to be happy again...
i wish you all well, Joan...i have been following you for a week or so now...hang in there GIRL!!!
Pez....Welcome and i could sure use a friend this week...and for many weeks to come i am sure. I am a 34 yr old mom of 4. hope to talk to ya again soon
Oldtimer.....i wish you the best of luck at the Dr. tomorrow...i seriously hope they keep you on the sub., it seems to be a godsend.
Have a good night guys :)

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