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Hi, I went through a bad surgery on my back and pain was uncontrollable so I went home taking 110mg oxycodone a day done by Percocets and Oxycontin. Mind you I was using Percocet for pain before the operation and I never got psychological craving to the stuff. But boy getting away from the 110mg beast was hell on me physically. Anyway, some months went by where I was trying to use darvon to control the post surgery pain. I was all done with anything that said codone in its name and never wanted to use it again. But the darvon just was not working so I tried Loritab and it did not get the pain out like I wanted so dumbly I asked my doctor to put me back on percocets which I have been using again now for 3 months. Again, I am going through all the motions of balancing taking it for pain and taking it to just feel normal taking upwards of 40mgs a day. I trully feel now, and it not cause I am out of pills, I HATE this stuff and should have stayed away all together. The choice of pain or use of meds like these is hard for a mature person to make. My tolerance to this stuff is so high anymore, regular legal prescribed dosages dont do a thing. I am therefore wanting to drop it altogether, dry out and maybe try the ultram route. So I stopped taking the percocet and am experiencing withdrawl issues all over again. Nothing like the first time but still enough to upset my living at the moment. I went 24 hours without taking any and just now took one, I can feel the WD going away and was wondering if I should start tapering from here or if I should just go with going as long as I can and then when the WD gets so bad take only one to knock it off as much as one will do. The cut down in my system if I can stick to taking one a day or longer should be pretty good I would think. With work and family I realy dont have it to stop and go through the cold turkey WD hell. When I stopped the first time I was given Klonopin to help me but this time that doctor is not available and I am afriad to ask the other doctor for he is already not happy with my taking percocet to begin with and doesnt deal with helping people stop. I only got 15 pills left so I dont think I can do a true taper. I ask for thoughts and opinions on just how to get out of this mess with what I have. Believe me I dont want it, and am going to strongly voice to my docs to not let me take this route again.

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