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After Withdrawls
Sep 11, 2003
I was on Vicodin for 3 months after a spinal surgery. I have always loved opiates, had a problem awhile back with Darvon. Kicked that and didn't take anything except for bad headaches, Tylenol 3 only for pain. I was then introduced by a friend to Vicodin. Have been taking off and on for about 1 year. Some for recreational some for pain. Anyway, I weaned off the Vicodin, (which the nurse said I wouldn't become addicted to by the way after being on it for 2 months).
Amazing. So I went through the crappy withdrawls for abour 5 days, Day 1-3 were the worst. Someone gave me some Percocets for my headaches, of course I was thrilled as I haven't had these in years! I of course used them for recreational use. Then I was given some Lortabs from someone else. I was on them for about 1 week ( about 3-4 percs a day for 3 days, then Lortabs for about 3 days (4 a day 10 mg). This is after I was off the Vics for about 2 weeks. I was amazed because I couldn't believe it when I had withdrawls from being on these for 1 week only! I mean the same I had going through the W/D from Vics for 3 months. They lasted for about 3 days, nausea, feeling like the flu all thaty stuff. Does anyone now why I would go through such heavy withdrawls after using for 1 week? The quantity's are above. After reading these boards, I wasn't taking that much. I can't believe my body got dependent on them so quickly. Could it be because I had just gone through Vicodin withdrawl? I have been off the Vicodin every day for about 1 month. How long does it take for you to really W/D?? How long do opiates stay in the system? 1-7 days perhaps?

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