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is ultram good for opiate withdrawals, if so Im gonna get some, my friend said he would give me 70 to take out of town if I needed them, do I need them withdrawing from oxycontin?? will they help??
hey okieatheart, why wont the ultram work?? Ive heard that taking it comming off opiates that it will kill the withdrawals!!but I also heard you can have withdrawals from the ultram but they do work for opiate withdrawals! by the way I take 20mg oxycontin and today is day one so far no problem but I did take a few darvocet, anyway Im leaving sat. morning for hilton head S.C. and we will be there for 8 days! I just really hope this ultram works for me!
Ultram IS a narcotic and will work against you if you're trying to withdraw from an opiate.

I took it thinking it would help withedrawals from darvocet at one time, and it actually only made the withdrawals worse...

It screws with your receptors and in general, I would try and stay away from that stuff...and yes it can cause seizures.
Hey, I would have to agree about the Ultram making you focus, me too. Also it will act as a narcotic in your body because it does bond to opiate receptors just like a narcotic. I think before long you will see Ultram get moved to a controlled substance because it IS addictive, and it will cause BAD withdrawals if sudenly stopped [img][/img] You can check in to alot of detox centers just for Ultram withdrawals. I took it when I stopped oxycontin and found that it kept the bad withdrawals away untill I stopped taking it, and that was even just taking only one a day, it takes like an hour to really start working but it lasts 3 times as long as a Lortab or percocet does. I geuss thats why it causes such withdrawals? Rlcowboy [img][/img]

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