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hey whaley....i like to post also but being the chef of your own business can be tough...trying to take breaks when i can, come into thr office and read the a 43 year old addict...been using opiates fairly heavy for the last 13 years...used every drug except x-ctacy and khb or whatever it is...old school,pot,acid,mescsaline,tab t,crystal t,all the 1970 stuff gave up by 1982...had a few clean years then been doing opiates...hooked on heroin twice...first time snorting in 1984(them methadone at the clinic),then needle in 1999...buprenex(bupenorphine) for a couple years...hurt my back in 1989..ran over by a golf cart at country club where i was executive chef....doc gave me 200 lortab 10's a month till he was banned from scripting narcotics...pill mill......i was obtaining from folks willing to sell between 5 - 8 bucks a pill....wiped me out financially,divorced father of two...built a 300,000 home that i lived in for a week....lotsa garbage with the addiction....been on methadone last couple of months for addiction/chronic back going today to see my doc to get off and go back on bupenorphine...more energy,sleep,ect...used to eat 40 - 50 lortabs a day, or same quantity of percs,oxy's,anything i could get...been to n/a,a/ a doc now who prescribes the meth...good guy,recovering addict also...knows his stuff better than docs who dont....gotta go cook,peace be w/ya......the chef

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