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Hey Reluctant, I just had back surgery(spainal fusion) 5 months ago so I know how that goes :eek: They had me on shots of dilaudid and morphine the first few days right after surgery and when I got sent home he prescribed Oxycontin 20mg twice daily and percocet 2 every 4 hours, and that dosage lasted about 2 months, then down to just percocet and then he put me on Lortab 10s and by the 4th month I think I was taking Lortab 7.5s, but I was still in severe pain (and still am) so I now have to have another surgery, but thats another show [img][/img] Im now wondering exactly what kind of surgery are you having? Depending on that I can give you a good idea of what you will have to deal with. Just make ABSOLUTE shure that you follow the prescription to the T [img][/img]If you can I would let a loved one give you your pain meds so you will not be temted, ya know. And if you are still in pain, do not take more, you gotta call your doctor right away and let him know, day or night, they stay on call. I wouldnt worry so much about taking more meds after surgery because its proven that if you are taking pain med for real pain and stop taking it when the pain stops, most folks will not have withdrawals and do not have alot of trouble getting off the med, you just have to keep to the exact dosage and NEVER get away from that, not once [img][/img] Also a few years back I had a knee surgery and I had no problem at all stopping my pain meds, they gave me Vicodin ES, I think I took that for like a month after the surgery and that was it. Hey, it sounds like you are a strong person, so I dont think you will have a problem, just stay on here and we will stay in touch. Rlcowboy [img][/img]

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