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Thanks to everyone who got back to me so quickly and maybe I came off in the wrong way... So here is my story...About 10 years ago I was diagnoised with Tension/cluster/migraines which is very rare for women to get cluster headaches but I still have them none the less. Anyway I have been through test after test and meds. tried them all a couple of times as a matter of fact. Imatrex and Zomig and other drugs in this class give me severe allergic reactions to the point where I am having convulsions and can't breathe. Do I wish I could fix my headaches with out the narcotic. you better believe it!!! I have even had a spinal tap that left my spin leaking into my body for 3 days before anyone knew what was wrong with me. and just last year I had a total ab. hystor. to try and help with the migraines. About me taking so many pills more so on one day than another is because I spend most of my time throwing the gd things up and I can actually see the pill in the toliet so I will pop two more to replace them. I hardly ever run out before my next script but it does happen once and a while and I was wondering if all of this makes me a junkie because I feel like it does. Anyway tonight I chickened out and could not take the pain of the migraine and went to the ER for some Demoral and Phenergren and that seems to be doing ok for now. Plus he wrote me a script for twelve more until my regular doc. can legally fill my regular 80. I have to admitt I do feel some with drawls from the norco if I run out to soon but it was nothing like when I took myself off CT 2 years ago from OXY. I felt those w/d's in the worst way and I believe thats why I am so scared now...

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