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O.k. here it is my story, only because I think I confused alot of people... It all started when I was 17 and gave birth to my first baby. I started getting horrific headaches and went to the doc.(of 8yrs)and he said well you have migraines. So there started the long battle of trying to find something that would work on preventing these nasty headaches that would last for no less than 3 days and sometimes went on for weeks ( My longest to date is 28 days )I know sounds rare huh? Well sceptics it is because after seeing 3 neuroligists I was diagnosied with Cluster Migraines which Migraines are very common in Women Cluster headaches are usually saved for the males... LUCKY ME!!! So then I went to a Pain Man. DR and I tried everything and I mean everything! To the point where I was spending $3500.00 a month in alternative medicen like the chioprater message therapy accupuntuer vitamins and keep in mind this was all on top of what the DR was trying to do for me. His part was really hard because I have so many allergies to meds that I can hardly take anything at all. But the most allergic reactions come from non narcotic injections from ER you know the ones Toradol DHE Halladol plus some narcotics I have allergies to are Morphine Dilodid but the most upsetting is even normal stuff like asprin Ibuprophen and Aleave so you could understand my diliema. Well After my 2 child was born I was in a car acc. and darn near broke my neck, so one year after the accident I walked out of my same Dr. office with the great new diag. Cluster Migraines W/ Everyday Tennsion Headaches so my life started getting worse because I was/am in pain everyday of my life and the hump on the back of my neck is a constant reminder. So my dr. sent me back to the Pain Man. guy and he decided that he would put me on Oxycontin.20mg2xDay. Well I was very niave when it came to pain meds because I was allergic to so much I was affraid to take anything at all! I mean don't get me wrong I went to a dentist that took my wisdom teeth out who gave me an Rx for Vicodine but I only took one and it made me so sick I never took another one and ended up throwing the bottle away when I found it 2 years later. So back to the oxy, anyway I took it and after the first week I was still hurting but let me tell you the second week I was in hog heaven!!! I was even able to do some of the things I used to do when I was a kid like going to concerts or the local speed way to watch the amatures wreck the cars the had been working on all week, and be there for my children which ment the most to me. I could take them to the park with out having to sit on the bench the whole time or saying " Not now sweetie, mommies not feeling well." So anyway My PCP didn't like that my pain SPC put me on oxy and after 3 months or so started tappering me off it. I follwed the tapper plan to a T. And OMG was that the worst thing I have ever been through(YES)!!! And I know, I know some of you are thinking you baby that wasn't even a very high dose. But non the less I went through the W/D's for about a month (and how)!!! I thought I was going to die, and the Docters were no help they all said it's just something you have to go through! So I did. I lived. And ended up moving to another part of the state (for work) and got another dr. who I have had now for a little over two years and yes I let him try everything he could think of as well as the new Neurologist too. Anyway he put me on NORCO 10/325 and it does help I don't have to spend so much time in the hospital and I can function through a migraine. So I was taking about 4 a day and for some reason my clusters kept getting closer together and more frequant. So they ran a ton of tests agian to find out that I had Endometriosis really bad so they went in and took out all of my pluming. So that was a year ago and now the doc has me on 8 a day. My problem with this is sometimes I throw up the pills and I can see them floating around the bowl so I will replace them with 2 more. I only take 2 @a time every four hours. But the problem is sometimes I will run out before my next refill and I go through W/D's. So I know for a fact that I am dependent but what I want to know is if I am an addict and if I should be taking myself off of the pills because I feel like a junkie... So thank you to everybody for helping me through my bad days and thanks for all of the good advise Hope to see alot of replies from this so I can figure out what to do... :) PS sorry so long! :)

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