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I am not an expert by any means, but if she continues using, this child is gonna be born going through the same withdrawls as the mother. Everything she ingests will go to the baby also--when she gets high--the baby gets high. Do you really want your newborn to go through this because of the mother?
If I were you, I would go to your doctor and tell him EVERYTHING!! If he doesnt dry her out, I would have her placed in a detox center right away whether she wants to or not. I doubt she will quit on her own because she must already know what is gonna happen when this child is born. Do you both really want to see this baby squirming in pain for the first week or two of it's life? How could you ever look him or her in the eye again after?
You have rights as a father to this child's well being also, and I consider this kind of thing child abuse. I don't know if the law does, but it should.
If she is taking these pills legitimately, I am sorry, but she should still have stopped or tapered off before she got pregnant. I hope for the baby's sake she stops one way or the other.

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