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Thank you all for the info...I will spend some time tonight looking up those long as my power/internet connection doesn't go down. We're getting Hurrican Isabel right now, and it's looking to be a pretty horrific storm. Right now there's a lot of wind and rain, and power lines going down all over the place!

My counselor is in recovery, from alcohol. While I do believe that an addiction is an addiction, I have noticed that this particular gentleman is much more able to relate to alcohol related issues...and I do think that sometimes people who are just addicted to painkillers, and not alcohol or other substances may have a slightly different beast. Not better, by any means, or any less of an addiction, but I have noticed that this counselor has a difficult time completely relating to people who are just struggling with painkillers.

I agree that his reaction was a result of his not knowing anything about suboxone, and he was going off of his first reaction to my queries, which was a belief that I was looking to get "high" again. When he asked the group what they thought...he actually phrased it as, "well, lets hear about (my name)'s plans to relapse!" and then went on to encourage me to tell the group about my thoughts. So that intro to my topic pretty much biased everyone!

Jeffie, I am currently clean. The last detox I went through was at the end of July, and I was given the subutex/suboxone regimine for detox purposes, which is how I became so interested, because it really worked great and I felt so good mentally and physically. But my doctor doesn't really subscribe to using it for maintenance, so I have not been continued on it. I have gone through three detoxes in my completely cold turkey, with no medical intervention whatsoever. That was terrible! That was about three years ago. Then I did another one using benzos to basically knock me out, that was better. And the suboxone detox was great. After the first couple of days, I felt wonderful.

But with my history...I know that relapse is a real issue for me and I want to do everything I can to strengthen my program. I do feel that for me, especially since I really felt good on my short time on the suboxone, it is a viable option, if I can get the medical community to support me!

Thank you again everyone for providing me with the info. I will have some good reading tonight. Back to watching the hurricane arrive!

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