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I sometimes get discouraged in reading through many of the posts here. It does seem like there are a lot of people who are on here who are still using, and its unclear to me whether they are searching for recovery, or if they are just planning to keep on with using. I have to admit that when I read some of the posts where people are detailing what they took today, and what they'll take tomorrow, it makes me uncomfortable and makes me crave!

Alternatively, there are so many people on here who are trying to get clean, whether it be going cold-turkey or tapering...I give you all my hope and respect since I know how hard it is to get over those first days without your pills.

I would just love to see and engage in more conversations about being in recovery itself. After detox, we have to have something else in place to prevent us from going right back to old behaviors. I know how easy it is to relapse...since I have done it several times!

I would love to hear more from people who are currently not using about how they handle their day to day lives without turning to the pills anymore. I would like to know what challenges in sobriety we are all facing, and how we are overcoming them.
Being clean has never been easy, or even felt "natural" to me, and I know I could use some support on how to continue in sobriety after that initial relief of getting through the withdrawals. I currently go to outpatient group therapy as well as AA/NA groups and work with a sponsor. And I'm still interested in getting back on the suboxone for maintanence measures. While my life is can be a daily struggle and I do miss the feeling that the pills could give me. How do other people handle that?

And for those who are still using, I'm interested in what your goals are. Do you want to stop, and just don't know how? do you want to stop, but are waiting for the "right time" or waiting until you get that feeling that you want to stop? i used to think that someday I just wouldn't want to use anymore, and then I could stop and go back to pre-addict days. Never worked for me. If we all waited until the moment when we could say that we don't want this anymore...that moment might not happen, or might be fleeting.

I just think it is so important to focus on the recovery aspect as well as the addiction aspect. So many of us have just recently started obtaining clean time (again!) and especially for those people who right now are going through tapers or cold turkey, it might be very helpful to give some feedback on where we go from here to really enjoy our lives as clean people.

So I would love to hear from the others who have some clean time about what they are doing to maintain that clean time, and how they stay happy. And for those of you tapering or going cold turkey, what are your expectations/hopes for recovery once you have jumped that hurdle.

And for those who are posting here while still using, it's great that you at least come here and share your stories, but what are your goals and how do you envision your lives in the next weeks/months.

I just know that I can use as much support as I can get to stay clean, and I assume others could benefit from some topics related directly to living in recovery. :)

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