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Thanks for the comments. I'll keep you posted. I just dropped 2 mgs and did not have any noticeable reactions. My (and my addictionologist's) goal is to taper completely off within 6-9 months. However, there is some new research out there that seems to indicate that there could be a significant number of addicts whose chemical makeup do not produce the natural opiates required by our bodies. The theory (and that is all it is at this point) is that those people who don't produce the natural opiates thru the normal physiological processes have to supplement their bodies with synthetic opiates.

In other words, those of us who are powerless truly have to self-medicate to make up for the chemical imbalances and deficiencies -- that is where the suboxone comes in.

I had some minor side-effects when I started taking the suboxone -- it should be noted that I had to start out on a really high dose of the suboxone because of the mega-doses of oxycontin I was consuming. The side-effects were very manageable: dry mouth, a little jittery, difficulty sleeping and a few other minor ones that don't come to mind immediately. The side-effects have now completely dissipated. I sleep like a rock now. In fact, I think the suboxone does something to my brain to, basically, shut it down after about 12 hours or so.

I take my entire daily dose between 7 and 8 in the morning. Throughout the day, I am full of energy, more clear-headed than I have been in years, able to focus on very complex matters for extended periods of time, etc., etc. Then, about 8 or 9 in the evening, I hit a brick wall and my eyes start dragging and I have to get my butt to bed... I'm usually asleep within 10 minutes after my head hits the pillow. This is a huge departure for me because I have always been a sleep hypochondriac -- I was always paranoid about getting enough sleep. Thank goodness, I don't have to worry about that anymore. The only drawback is that I think my wife (the very beautiful and talented "hopefortoday") sometimes believes I am taking valium or somehting because she has never known me to sleep so well and fall asleep like a normal person.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a little hope and if if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I might not have the answer (in all likelihood, I won't)... but I am sure you can find someone on here (chefob, philster, and lane, just to name a few) who has dealt with about every imagineable situation pertinent to the issues and discussions related to recovery.

Take care, God bless and keep us posted.
hopefortoday's husband a/k/a verylucky.

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