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Re: Suboxone issues
Sep 26, 2003
I used suboxone for my last detox, and I highly encourage anyone who wants to get off of the pills, but can't stand the thought of those withdrawals, to think about this as an option.

I understand completely how you can continue to use, even though part of you wants to quit, because you don't want to get sick. That is why I finally investigated suboxone, and it was wonderful.

I really wanted to stay on it for maintanence, but so far have not found a doctor who is willing to use it in such a manner with me.

I agree with VL that it is not a simple substitution of one addiction for another...suboxone is taking a legally prescribed medicine through the care of a doctor, in order to help rectify what is very likely a dysfunctional brain chemistry issue. Suboxone along won't keep you off of pills forever, I still think that working some type of recovery program is essential, but the suboxone makes such a difference.

We all know those feelings of depression, energy, apathy...those cravings and obsessions, that guilt...well, even if my short time on suboxone, those were gone. I could really go back about getting my life on track without those obstacles.

Of course there are many who are against suboxone, and that's ok. If you can maintain sobriety without it, great. But if you have struggled with getting clean, relapsing, and trying to get clean again as many of us here have, to me it is worth trying anything that will help.

Any more questions, as VL said, ask away. There are plenty of people here who have experience with suboxone who would be glad to share.

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