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I have had horrendous chronic pain for 4 years 24/7/365, and have seen so may docs , can't even remember what kind.I have been on just about every med they make. Most , I am allergic to.
In 4 years and 2 surgeries, spot from lung and back surgery to take out some nerve damage and scar tissue, but made me worse.
I finally ended up taking methedone 10 mg, the doc says, 3 times a day. Even though I am in such pain, I take only 10 mg a day. When it starts to feel as though it is wearing off. I take 10mg of valium, which I have taken over 40 years. Valium is the only one I am not afraid of. I know all people are different, but in taking this for over 40 years, I have quit taking it as long as six months, so my doc says it is not addictive to me.The valium hours after the meth helps me immensly. I find that the meth is the only med that helps relieve some of the raw sore feeling I have inside of me.
I am afraid of the meth, and won't take more than onea day

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