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Jenny, good to hear from you again.

A couple of things here. Don't worry about the liver at this point, we need to get you off these things. The liver is fairly resilient so when this is over get a liver (enzyme) test just to confirm you are OK.

Does your husband understand your situation? If so that will help, if not then you need to be stealth mode I guess. Can your mother help?

You can either go "Cold Turkey" or taper. You haven't got to much time or amount invested at this point so CT should not be to bad if you're up to it. You are taking about 60 mgs per day. I've gone cold turkey off this amount without any thing to help. Not fun but doable. When I was doing 400 mgs a day that was "hell"

If you have or can get a Catapres patch" or clonidine (they are the same med), valium, Imodium and benedryl you could go CT, for 3-5 days you would be not feeling great but the meds would help out immensely. Your hubby or mom may be able to help out with the kids. You could write it off to a bad virus or flu to your mom id you donít want to let her know whatís going on. If you choose to taper then I would say you need to get yourself stabilized in the manor you take your pills. If you are taking 9 pills per day can you take one pill every 2.5 hrs without going into withdrawal? You wonít get a buzz but that \ís not the point, the point is to get you to where you take the pills without withdrawal setting in. If you can do that then we can give you a great taper plan @ 10%. Your choice, if you want quick then go CT, if you want gradual then go taper. You will need a quantity of pills to taper so keep that in mind. My choice when I was at the 40-60 range like you was to go CT (fast method) then you are over and you can move on. You also need to be thinking support structure for when you are off the pills, like NA or therapist orÖ.. You know what I mean I think.

Let us know and thanks for not giving up and fighting for your life!

Maybe ct is the way to go. I agree that to taper is just dragging things out at this point and I want to stop now. My husband is supportive and would do anything to help me through, even though he doesn't really understand. He loves me a lot and I know he'll help me if I go ct. I'm so scared about my liver though that I'm seriously scared to take anything else. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to things like that and I know I sound kind of silly to be so worried about it, but I am. I like my liver the way it is :). Anyway. Thanks and I'll keep you posted.


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