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Re: New Here...
Sep 29, 2003
Welcome. Sorry to hear of your struggles but there is a wealth of experience and information on this board concerning addiction. Please ask any and all questions and most here will do there best to answer or guide you based on our experiences. We certainly can provide info and experience as to which roads are the roads not to take or what works and doesn't work. Tips and hints.

Just my personal experience and many will validate my thoughts I'm sure, but I've done the Alcohol, Pot and opiates and I'm off all of them these days and life is as good as it has ever been for me. There are no feelings or effects (high) the drugs gave me that beat the natural "high" I get from living life drug free. God knows it took awhile to figure this out but now I know.

You’re so young, please listen, read, ask questions and understand that life is so very nice without drugs, actually it's MUCH better without drugs. Drugs carry so much baggage that it may appear great in the beginning but it soon is a burden that is unbearable to live with.


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