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Hey Lisa,
I have been following your posts the past few days and am praying for you. Have you decided whether or not to PU your rx? Is it a valid rx from your doctor? If so then maybe you should use it to ween(sp?) off instead of being sick. Would your hubby dole them out to you or do you not even want to ask him? One other sugesstion would be to pick the script up a fourth at a time. For example if it is for 30 Percoset? then pu 8 one day, and then 8, etc. The drug stores here will let you do that. Although in this state Percoset cannot be called in. You have to go to the docter and have the written rx and there can be no refills. I have never used that med for that reason, too hard to get it legally. The Lortab I was taking can be phoned in by the dr. and also can have refills. Oh well, sorry to ramble. I just wanted to let you know I am on your team. Hang in and let me know how you are. I am on 8 days!!
Love Ya, Hydro

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