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I came across this board because I usually post in other forums, and though I've tried not to make these issues a central feature in my life, I thought about maybe seeing what one of you has to say about this.

My parents got divorced about 12 years ago when my dad checked himself into an alcohol and narcotics treatment center, and he's stayed away from those two things ever since. But about two years ago he had a back surgery that didn't go over too well and he's been on lots of medications ever since. For the last year, its been really bad. Sometimes he seems fine, but lots of times he's so out of it he can barely talk, and he forgets everything. He got fired 3 months ago because of "unwarranted sick time." He tells me he has chronic pain, but its hard for me to believe him; all he does is lay on the couch and watch TV. And he just cashed in his retirement fund, and the money seems to be running out fast. He spends so much money on perscriptions, docters bills, and about once every 4 months he goes into the hospital for some problem or another and gets on morphine. Also, about 6 months ago i noticed that he started smoking pot again.

Every time any one of us confronts him that I think he's overdoing the medications, he gets so defensive and tells us that we are not his doctor. I also have to concentrate on my college education and so a lot of the time I put up with his actions because its the easiest way to deal with him.

Another hard thing is that he still thinks of himself a sober person, and he is always badmouthing my mom because she still drinks alcohol. Its pathetic to see him sometimes, and I feel bad for my brother who is in high school to have to deal with it. Also, there will probably be no money for him to go to college.

I know he has to want to help himself, but he's so delusional about his problem, I don't ever see it happening. Maybe he does have Cronic pain, but he is still abusing his medication. So I just wanted to see what you guys would say about this. Thanks- Ann

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