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Is there anyone who can tell me how to really wean myself off of pain meds without going thru w/drl?
I have been taking various forms of meds for almost 4 years now, never a day without. I currently am using duragesic 25 and hydrocodon 7.5 for bt pain. Problem is the physical addiction at this point is worse them the pain. If I don't have a patch on then I have to take a 7.5 every 3 max 4 hrs. HOW DO I STOP THIS WITH NO WDRL?
right now i have 2 patches left and can keep one on for 3-4 days, the 4th day i start to feel the w/drl starting--yawning and such as it starts out. I have 26 7.5 vicodins left and my next dr. visit isn't until the 10/23. What i have now is what i have to work with.

What's the best way to wean off?
I don't want to go to my dr. for help for fear she will not be willing to give me proper meds after this.
I just want to be in control of what i'm taking instead of it controlling me.

yeah i do take them and will still need to for pain management. i had some weird granumola removed from my skull just about 3yrs ago and still have pain at the site that just never goes away. i'm at the point where i dont know what's worse the pain or the addiction to the meds now. i do have some xnanx but i dont have an actaul Rx for them. do they help?
What else can i do to lessen the wd without switching to something else and then just having to wean myself from that at another time?
i'm scare to of methadone, stories i've heard of that seem worse then kicking herion.


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