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I havenít experienced first-hand what youíre going through, but I have friends who struggle constantly. Pot must be respected, and I believe that moderate use can be a great addition to our lives. But, when it gets to be a daily thing, it can be destructive. When Iím smoking too much, my mind is cloudy and I mess up at work, Iím tired all the time, and being high isnít what it is when Iím smoking moderately. Part of the problem is that there is more than THC in the smoke, carcinogens that are very bad for us and overload our body with toxins (a vaporizer will fix that problem).

I realized that all the things I love about pot go away when I smoke too much, but then thereís this habit of getting high all the time and you hate yourself, you feel weak and out of control. The first time it happened to me I was having panic attacks (from the dope and also stress), and I had to summon all my willpower to quit for 2 months, and then I learned to respect it. Now, I keep it to weekends only and special occasions. Often Iíll notice that my usage is creeping up and up over a few weeks, but I recognize it right away and immediately stop for a week or 2 and then start clean. Thereís never a balance, but I never stray too far from center. It makes all the difference in the world, I can take one ďhootĒ off my water pipe and be very nicely fried for a few hours, not just stoned/tired/drained like I get when Iím smoking every day. Itís great for writing music, creating business ideas (my goal is to work for myself, like you), and just motivating me to live life to its fullest.
I would say that you probably need a long time to detoxify your system, but imagine what it will be like when you go back to it (if thatís what you choose). I donít think itís necessary to eliminate it completely.

A friend of mine actually went to his doctor and said, ďIím addicted to grassĒ. The doc wasnít concerned and said that itís OK because potís not chemically addictive. My friend told him heíd been smoking morning til night, EVERY day for 4 years and canít stop. The doctor then said that he should try very hard to quit on his own, but if unsuccessful he would prescribe an antidepressant. That option is there if you think it will help you.

I know you can do it, just make a promise to yourself and keep it. Think of the joy in life that youíre missing and keeping your promise will get all that joy back. You really are fighting for your life here.


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