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hi austin i lave been lurking here for some time now but have never posted. Your post really caught my attention. I was a heavy pot smoker for 10 years. When i finally figured out i was hooked and wanted to quit i prayed about it for weeks and weeks. Then i caught a(flu like) virus and couldnt smoke. my throat was so sore i couldn't even smoke cig's (my favorite addiction next to caffine). I was sick for 7 days and it must have been God sent because when i got better i just quit. i had never been a week without smoking. and if i could go a week i could go for good. 6 months later i picked cigs back up but when i try to smoke weed i have panic attacks. i always used weed to relax and now it makes me a nervous reck. anyway, what i really wanted to tell you is how much better i felt after i got all that stuff out of my system. i swear i felt high all the time. energy like i never had before. at first i wad a hard time eating and sleeping. those were my two favorite uses for weed. but after about 6 weeks....i felt wonderful. i didn't need it any more. that was 8 years ago and i don't miss it at all. i wish you the best of luck with quiting. i have a bondage in my life too. i can't put down the pain pills. but i never thought i could put down the cronic either.
my prayers are with you

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