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Taper W/D's...??
Oct 11, 2003
I started my taper a couple of days ago so I am on the second day now and I think I am doing this all wrong. I never actually tapered before so I am winging it. I Had one post with some advice..which did help but I am tapering my way to a CT. I thought I was taking 13-16 tabs a day of hydro..10mg. I think now after counting my tabs I was doing more like 18-20 tabs a day. I have now been taking 13-16 a day and today will ne definately only 13..only Ha that dosn't sound like a very big improvement does it.

I can't and WONT go up any higher..I have to quit this crap I am mad and dertmined to do this so please bear with me here. I was feeling ok ..taking 3 tabs every 4 hours and not taking them any earlier..not a minute. Suddenly though this evening my head started pounding,I am getting hot flashes and chills and now my stomach is going too. I definately wont go back up on the pills and I am hoping my body will adjust.

Does tapering always bring on some W/D's?? I do have some anti-anxiety meds ..I was saving them for the CT part of this detox but should a take one?? I thought that if you tapered you would not feel the W/d's and honestly mine are not too severe. Is this to be expected?? Perhaps I am not doing this right. I just know I have to quit this crap before it kills me. I am so afraid to just go it true that you can have seziures from going CT when you have taken the amout I have for a few years??

Just so glad to have found this place. No one but you here know my personal hell and pain. I have to pretend to feel good around everyone I know and I have a very demanding job and no personal support becuase I can't tell a soul I know. My friends and family think I have already beat this...and they do not understand addiction at all. Thank God for all of you here and you are in my prayers as well.

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