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----- root, hi I have never replied but I have been following you and most of the others in this string since I fount this site 2 months ago I have never been much of a talker so I would just read and learn and also "root" you guys on. When I found this site 2 months ago I was up to 50 10mg hydros a day and knew it was time to do something before I was dead or broke.
You and the people you talk to are who I learned about suboxone from so I looked up the doctors in my area I live on long island and was very lucky to have 3 doc with in a 15 mile drive. I called and got an appointment for a month away they did not take any insurance it was $250 for the first appointment and $65 after that. I went on Monday he told me since I have been using for 4 years and the amount I take with the fact I have bulging disks he wanted me to start on methadone and once I am stable and get down a little bit he will switch me to the sub. The only reason he was able to give me the meth to take home is because of my pain problem they are not aloud the treat detox with meth at home you have to go to a clinic every day. He started me on 3 10mg pills a day.
but any way the reason I am writing now is to tell you to go for I have been pulling for you every one I different but every time I tried the taper I would do good for a bit the end up doing more. anyway sorry for the long post I just wanted to let you know you are one of the first people I started reading here and I wish you the best you should really pursue the doc route 4 days no vikes and I fell better than I ever thought I would at this point, sometimes we all need help its out there for you. Thanks Ted-------------


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