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Oct 16, 2003
Has anyone taken Buspar?
Is it similar to Xanax?
Thank you
Julie S.
Re: Buspar
Oct 16, 2003
If I'm remembering correctly, Buspar is nothing like Xanax in that it is not a benzo and Buspar is not addictive. They are both medications for anxiety, but Xanax is the type that you might take only when you feel the'd take the Buspar everyday to stave off anxiety instead of taking a benzo. Buspar is a great alternative anti-anxiety drug for those who don't want/can't take benzodiazepines.
Re: Buspar
Oct 17, 2003
Thanks for the info!
I had som Buspar at home, but I knew I needed something stronger for over the weekend so I had my dr. call me in some Xanax.
I took my last hydros today and I want to try to do without them for a while (want to and have to, but mostly WANT to!!).
So, over the weekend I will have to make due with the xanax...I am hoping that will be fine and I will not have any withdrawls.
Anybody out there that can tell me what I am in for for over the weekend? I have been taking up to 10 lortab 5 500 a day.
julie s.
Re: Buspar
Oct 19, 2003
What are the side effects of Buspar?

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