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Re: Cravings
Oct 17, 2003
I agree with the others that the suboxone does wonders for the cravings. Even though I was only on it for a short time, for detox purposes, it was amazing how I didn't crave or obsess over the pills, as I always have.

I've also found that exercise REALLY helps. It gets your natural endorphins flowing, and as addicts we have likely messed up our natural opiates so that they aren't going to be working properly for at least a while after we stop with the pills. So doing anything to push your natural endorphins to start kicking in really helps. I know that I always feel better when I work out. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to exercise for a variety of reasons. If you aren't the type that enjoys working out, just push yourself and remind yourself that you WILL feel better afterwards.

Another thing that helps me is to do what you just did...tell other people about how your feeling. I've heard it called "telling on your disease." It's simplistic, but just the act of being honest and admitting to even one other person that you are having bad cravings can take some of the power out of them. If you are having a bad day, definitely take the time to call a friend, or get online and just let others know so that they can support you.
do you go to any NA/AA meetings? That always helps me...if I'm having a rough time and go into a meeting, even just hearing others talk about how they are doing helps me get out of my own head. I can get into a nasty cycle of craving, and feeling sorry for myself, and feeling bitter etc. etc., and even if I just go to a meeting and don't say a word, it helps to hear other's stories. Additionally, when I do open my mouth and let people know what I'm feeling, that helps so much more. I can get the face to face support from people who REALLY know where I am, and I also get concrete suggestions on how to get through the day or change my mood/attitude.

My sponsor always suggests treating yourself as a way to take your mind off of the cravings. If you get through a particularly bad day without using, reward yourself! Take some time to do something just for you...get a massage, a manicure, buy that outfit you've been eyeing (I'm assuming your female... :)), or do something that doesn't cost anything, like allowing yourself to "waste" some time taking a nap, or curled up in front of the TV. Sometimes when I'm feeling down right nasty I'll put on some fast paced music...close the blinds and dance around and sing to myself. Small things can sound silly, but they really can help to take your mind off of it.

The worst thing you can do is to isolate, and ruminate on it. That way the negative feelings and cravings will just grow and grow. Do anything to get yourself out of your own head, even if just for a little bit.

And hang in matter what people's drugs of choice were, cravings are universal but don't mean that you have to or will use over them! :)

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