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Oct 16, 2003
Hi Root,
I hope your doctors appointment goes well. Just be upfront with him/her about how badly things have gotten, and how you can not stop the pills, even on a slow taper. Admit defeat! :) I can't imagine how a doctor would not agree to detox you with the subutex/suboxone, but of course doctors can do crazy stuff.
If worse comes to worse, please dont get all worked up about the possibility of having to go cold turkey. As we all know, its not fun and you feel badly, but sometimes I have to chuckle a little bit when I hear people talk about how afraid they are of it...because it is in NO way going to kill you! Yes, you will feel sick in a variety of ways, but the toughest part is the mental...when you know that there IS something out there that could relieve your suffering and that is the one thing you can't have.
A good friend of mine just finished going essentially cold turkey recently, and afterwards he even said that he had built it up to be worse in his head. And now that he's feeling better physically, he is so proud of himself to have started on the journey of not being a slave to those pills.
It's an awful cycle we get ourselves into...using, then wanting to stop, but being scared of the withdrawals, so we keep using, etc. etc. Sometimes we just have to get off of that damn merry go round even if it is going to be bad for a while.

Again, I seriously hope that the doctor will put you on the suboxone, and you have every reason and right to have it. But if not, don't let that deter you from your goal of getting clean, OK? Even if you do have to go "cold turkey" you have a lot of supporters on this board alone to help you go through with it.

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