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Re: Suboxone...
Sep 16, 2003
Im on the same meds basically-zoloft/abilify/ativan-and to be totally honest..i didn't tell my addictionologist about the benzos..being afraid he wouldn't prescribe to me..due the combo of the 2 really doesn't effect you..unless you were taking tons of benzos..and then there is a health risk..(many people mix benzos/opiates as it kinda boosts the effects)..but..right now the suboxone is acting like the ultimate ireally don't need the other stuff my psycho/pharm has me on.
Like eeyore.was really gives you high energy and almost takes all cravings away.I have never felt as comfortable in my own skin as i do on this drug.Thats why i have been using drugs since i was 12/13 yrs old..just trying to ease the mental pain..of depression and abuse.
I am a chronic relapser..i hate to be doesn't feel brain is missing the mark(chemically) most addicts the drugs make you feel normal..but at what price?We deal w/ the stigma of being junkies..lose our freedom/our finances/our life becomes so chaotic..just to feel..normal?
So,,Suboxone to the way to get free..from the insanity of being a junky..istill take fairly low doses of a benzo and a little weed at im not sober..but ifeel like im back on the planet..just going to work/etc..i can go away for a couple days..w/o having to chase down drugs/and going to the addictionologist makes me feel kinda im dealing w/ my disease properly.Some opposed to some of the detoxs/or the streets..
I say go for it..give it a whirl..i know you will be really impressed how well it works(actually..i guess it doesn't work for everyone..butif your opiate habit is not does.
Go for it lady..and be well.
Re: Suboxone...
Sep 16, 2003
Hi, I just wanted to echo what Gabbi said about the very real danger of taking benzos while on suboxone. I was actually just tonight talking to someone who was recently started on a maintanence program, and they commented about how the mixture of benzos and suboxone can be fatal. Even if you have taken the two in combo before, it is a time bomb, and the next time you could have serious complications, including death! I don't mean to sound fatalistic, but this is one drug interaction that I have heard mentioned several times as being a serious serious no-no. I would definitely encourage you to talk to your doctor. I'm surprised that the suboxone hasn't done a good deal to help with your anxiety.

If anxiety is still a major problem for you, there is a great medication that is not a benzo for anxiety...I'm totally blocking the name right now, but I was on it for awhile and it really is effective for anxiety problems. Benzo's are bad news...especially with suboxone! I completely understand how bad anxiety can be, and I encourage you to look into the other medication...I will figure out what its called and post later.
Re: Suboxone...
Sep 16, 2003
I here what you are saying about the insurance. The doctor I see doesnt take my insurance either but there are only 3 doctors in vegas that are certified. But the good thing is that my ppo covers the suboxone so im around the $450 mark but that's also about 1/10th of what I was throwing away so.

As far as the benzos and Subox, I do not believe the problem was oversedation but there is an interaction between the 2 so they try to keep the benzo's down to the bare minimum. They think it has something to do with the naloxone that might cause adverse affects and yes potentialy fatal. The doctor brought me down from 4mg of Klonopin to 2mg a day total. The same with alcohol, keep that to the bare minimum, like none :D

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Re: Suboxone...
Sep 17, 2003
Hi folks..I hear also a really so now im paranoid about the mix(benzo/subox)..i take .5 mg ativan in the morning and 1mg. at night.I thought if you were in danger if you took too high a dose of the benzos but low doses were ok(kinda).I really do have severe panic..but ythe suboxone does help w/ the depression/panic.I still get depressed just not the obsessive out of control depression when im off opiates..i had been clean 2 yrs. and having 4 panic attacks a week..couldn't go to the grocery store..blahblah..very i started all the meds then relapsed cos the depression hit suboxone,etc.Am i really in that much danger?
2mgs. of that dr.recommended?
Im just afraid they will take thw suboxone away..maybe i should taper off the benzos..oops..all over the place..thanx so much for the starting to feel comfy here..You are good folks.xoxox heather
Re: Suboxone...
Sep 18, 2003

I would seriously consider speaking to your dr about the side effects. Maybe your dr can prescribe a drug that will work better with the suboxone. I would really think twice about self-medicating. I have heard ( and so have others) that combining sub and benzos is FATAL, it doesn't matter the amount or the time period in between, the two should not be mixed. Please talk to your dr. If you are taking sub, then you are trying to quit a much worse habit, and should be starting a road to recovery, not mixing drugs (like we did before). Believe me I've been there and I understand. I took tons of pills and didn't care, but now that I've been on sub and can think clearly...I think what was I thinking!!!

I know too that the addict mind creeps up as it did to me recently and I felt so tired on the sub and wanted energy like I used to have taking handful of pills. There is DUST in my house, I was a maniac cleaner before, and I just can't keep up now. Well, I still have a stash of diet pills, that gave me enegy and I considered taking them. But b/c of the strong warnings of mixing w/benzos I was scared. I called the pharm and asked it it was OK, and the pharmacist said NO WAY, do not mix it. Suboxone is a
fairly new drug and I"m not sure that the drs know of every consequence to mixing it w/other drugs. This is why you must be honest w/your dr!!! My dr. told me there is not even a protocol yet, if I were in an accident how they would treat me as far as pain etc.,
So, I"m sorry to ramble and I don't want to sound like a preacher, I just don't want anyone to get hurt!! I wish you all the best of luck & hope that you can find something else for anxiety. Take care.
Re: Suboxone...
Sep 19, 2003
Thanx for the info..i will speak to my kinda freaked now..i don't want to die..there is an 800# i can call too.I read on one of the posts that they were taking klonipin w/ the suboxone..dr. prescribed..but i would like to get off the benzos..i am in fear of the kick..its supposed to be worse than opiates..
Im glad the suboxone is working for you too...i do feel like im know..i don't have the chaos i had going before..and im not really craving much at all..i think this treatment is going to help alot of people get off the pills/ definitely not as poor as i was..even tho the pills are 500.00 a month..i was spending 2000.00 on my habit..every cent i made practically..i didn't pay bills for months..shutoff card debt..huge..ill be paying for this last relapse for a while.all my instruments are still in pawn..but i just paid the i haven't lost my beloved guitar yet.
Thanx for your support..and i hope you have a serene day!!Peace..heather
Re: Suboxone...
Sep 27, 2003
id stick to your schedule...i used once in awhile when i was taking bupenorphine and your right...its to no avail...the bupe sits on the receptors along time and when you take opiates its like a sandblast on the receptors but it doesnt work all the way...hence you feel like you didnt feel the effects..only goes for opiate use on suboxone..benzos.,ect,work the same,at least for me...just dont keep usin then go back to the sobox,then use again,cause the receptors wont know if their comin or goin....hey mo,hey larry,knuk knuk, termites....

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