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hey there......ive been on methadone twice in my life....once back in 1984 for heroin addiction...and now for chronic back pain/opiate 1984 i was in a methadone clinic and this time around i see a dr. and he writes me a script for 8 day supply....currently i take 20mg. three times a day...i needed to take about 60mg. to stabilize and stop the w/d's....i was eating about 40 - 50 lortab 10's a day...everyone is different for the amount of med required to stave off w/d's and feel "normal"...methadone lasts me about 30 has a long half life meaning it could stay in your system for up to 72 hrs....i did the bupenorphine thing for 4 years...i was on is the injectable form of suboxone....they do not give out this form anymore since they have the oral version...i was pretty much a guinea pig /a statistic to see how the bupe works in disease is dual diagnosis since i have legitamate back problems also but i started out as a usual addict on opiates....the meth is a form of maintance as the bupe is also...they have there good points and bad points...they are both opiates also and since they are long acting opiates you have to get off them real slow...alot slower than the fast acting opiates such as hydrocodone or oxycodone....if you want to obtain freedom from drugs youll have to take the long term wont have any w/d's until it comes time to totally abstain from the narcotics....once again its a very slow process otherwise youll get quite uncomfortable otherwise its a slow process...if your aim is to get off opiates fast its better to taper or wean from what your probably on no dr. and everyones different and its always best to get their opinion of your condition....and what your route you should take....meth has good points for me as far as i can function and have clear thoughts but all opiates rob you of natural sleep and cause you also need additional support if you want to be sober,such as n/a or a/a or a support structure around you where you can communicate honestly about your addiction...its with you for the rest of your life and youll deal with it every day...hopefully you dont relapse but your disease will test you as a human being...its not worth it to try and take opiates additionally while on the meth or bupe cause chances are you wont feel the effects,trust me, and you also are going against what your trying to create, a drug free should really check out all your options real good,make a solid plan and make sure you stick by it....if you see other folks at the clinic still usin,my suggestion would be steer clear of them.....chef

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