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Michelle, here is my thoughts on your situation. I think its fantastic you are on the Sub, it shows you have taken positive steps to confront and defeat your addiction. I think the slip is part of the struggles we go through when trying to get drug free, and many of us slip so put that chapter behind, learn from it and DON'T repeat it. I think the pills coming in the mail is a test. How will you take this test and how will you answer this test? I can tell you from experience that if the pills remain close by that they will eventually cause great harm and setback. It did for me and it has for others. I thought I could keep them around and be so strong as to not ever use them, they were there for my security blanket. Well they were there and they eventually got taken by me so, so much for being strong or a security blanket. You can't return them, you need to dump them, flush them or whatever but you need to get them out of your life and quick. You also need to get with your Dr to get the issue with headaches worked out. There are a number of meds that are not opiate based that can help with the headaches. You will have difficulty in beating addiction if you have to use opiate based meds for your headaches. Maybe once you get to a proper level of Sub the Sub will help with the headaches as one of the components of Sub is used as a pain med.

OK for what that was worth, I hope it helps


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