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Suboxone role it! goes..started as detox..did 3 wks. going from 24 mgs. to 3 wk taper plan.Came off..2 days later i was doing dope.Dopesick!
2 wks. later on maitainence at 8 mgs...that was 2 months ago..don't have to see dr. till november.Have slipped 3x in 3 months.
I think the 8 mgs. is fine it holds me well..but i wake up and go right to the dresser to eat one..due to morning stiffness/stomach..i hear that the best dose is around 12-16 mgs. a day..i jones but only on weekends..when i have time to think about it..i also think that coming off this is gonna be hellish...based on the detox.Plus..has anyone exp. weight gain..i have gained 10 lbs or more since i started.
Did i answer all the questions..can't remember..only one cup o' coffee..(kicks it in)..

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