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I used Methadone for the last 2 weeks before I finally found a Subutex, Suboxone doctor. The max that can be prescribed for 30 days is 90 8mg, I can max out at 24 mg a day, I stayed at 16mg for a long time, but now Iím am taking less, and somedays none at all, I forget to take it. I was stable at 100mg of methadone a day, when I started Subutex the first day was roughbut not like full WD. Find a doctor on

Call them all, I called everyone in Atlanta and only one returned my call, he saw me the same day. You need a 3-day adjustment period but after about 2 weeks you will have energy beyond belief. I agree Methadone does work great but I believe Buprenorphine. Is a much better choice and much greater freedom, plus for me it keeps my back and other pains under control. Hard to believe what one little pill can do. And they say it doesnít show up on standard drug screens.
I was also getting my Methadone illegally. Thatís how I was able to get such a high dose. I was about to start going to my own clinic before this doctor called me back, but I knew they would start me on a low dose, and my friend couldnít keep me supplied much longer.

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