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You sound just like me! I too was taking 10/325. I would take like 6 at a time in the afternoon and about 6 - 10 more that night. After doing this for many months I too got to the point where I wanted to stop. I did once too - went away for along weekend many states away and did not bring any Norcos with me and I got so so sick. I wanted to die. Of course I knew not to just stop as that is what the little package insert says from the pharmacy, but I sure found out the truth in that! How niave. I woke up with the worst gut ache and then diarhea and vomiting - hot then cold. My heart started racing so fast I got scared. I was so nauseated and dizzy I truly wanted to die. I was taken to a hospital where they hooked me up for IV hydration and gave me Phenergan. I still vomited and then I wanted to climb out of my body as I began to get this creepy crawly restless feeling where I could not lay, sit or stand. Well not only is that a withdrawal symptom it also is a side effect that some people can get from the Phenergan. Then they gave me a shot in the rear of Promethine which knocked me out.
I somehow managed to get on a plane the next morning and fly my behind home and layed in bed the next two days until I finally felt better. I lost alot of weight.
This is long, but what is my point in telling you this? That I put myself through that and after it was all said and done in less than a week I was taking Norco's again. How dumb. That was about 5 months ago.

Now in the last 3 weeks I have managed to go from taking 80-130 mg a day to 60 mg a day.
I started to take 80 mg and stayed there for a week. Boy the second night I woke up with the restless legs and flopping back and forth in bed. Advil or valium helped.
The thing I did differently from my "other attempts to taper" was I quit taking my afternoon and evening doses and opted to take all in the morning so I could get to work and be productive. Yes, it has been hard to not take anything in between, but I have managed it. I decided that the morning is the best time for me to dose because otherwise I feel so depressed. The rest of the day is a mind game, but so far so good. Right now I am at 50. I will soon go to 45.
Just since this past Tuesday morning do I realize and feel that my life feels normal. I feel more grounded and have hope that my future is bright.
I am sorry this is so long but I think I needed to get this written out (more power to me to kind of thing)!

Thanks too everyone here who shares!!!

[This message has been edited by Nikka (edited 10-31-2003).]

[This message has been edited by Nikka (edited 10-31-2003).]

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