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Hi Star;

Wow, you are awesome, getting down to 3 pills in such a short time. Bowing to you in admiration!

I bet you thought those 48 hrs would never get better. Actually 48 hrs is pretty good considering most of us suffer for 3-7 days with severe withdrawal.

So you ask is anxiety normal, I would say it is along with depression. That is very normal when we detox off opiates. I went through incredible depression and anxiety, thought I would have a nervous breakdown more then once during my taper. I also think it is very normal to want to get a taper program over and be rid of the drugs, very normal Star. I know I'm a results oriented person who has little patience at times and when I was in taper I wanted to get to 0 so fast it was comical. I'm also competitive and I had this goal I set for myself and I was constantly trying to beat my taper schedule LOL

I started my taper when I was around 400mg of opiates per day and when I got to around 100mg I tried to go cold turkey with nothing but a few low dose Xanax pills available. Well that was a disaster. I had to start back after about 15 hrs of bad withdrawals, thought I was going to die. Not sure why thiat happened as I had CT before. I had to start back up, I only needed to go back to 60mg per day so I did make a 40mg gain for my pain of withdrawal. So I continued to taper until I got to 20mg per day and I went to my PCP Dr and I gave him a plan for going CT and all the drugs I needed. I did this after thorough research on the NET. This time I was armed with Valium at max per day dosage, phenergan for my stomach, clonidine for the crawly skin/restless legs/arms, ambien for sleep, Imodium for the runs and bentyl for stomach and leg cramps. What a difference the meds made, the valium literally knocked me out for 3 days, had my wife wake me up every 6 hrs for another 10mg pill. After 3 days I eased off the meds for the next 2 days and by day 6 I was using no meds and totally off drugs (opiates) for 5 days. I wasn't 100% by any means but I was over the worst that withdrawal threw at me. It took about 8 - 12 weeks to get totally 100%, to get over depression, sleep patterns revival, lethargicness and my old self feelings as my wife would say. Itís the old 80/20 rule, the first 80% improvement takes 20% of the time, but the last 20% improvement takes 80% of the time. During the 8-12 weeks itís harder to feel improvements because they are smaller but you do make improvements.

I would agree that you may be at a point that you just want to go CT and get this nightmare over. If you do then get with your Dr and get some or all of the drugs I described to assist in withdrawal. If you can't work with a Dr then use over the counter meds such as benedryl for sleep or melatonin for sleep, Imodium for the runs, lots of fluids, mega vitamins such as C, B, (sure I forgot some others to take) lots of hot baths or showers, and lots of exercise. I walked and walked and walked the neighborhood, all times of the day (2AM, 4AM, 9AM, 12PM, 2PM, 5PM, 8PM) as much as possible to kill time and thwart the CT symptoms. Each walk was for at least 2 miles, sometimes 3 laps which is 3 miles LOL

If you fail which I don't think you will, but if you have to fall back don't go back to 3 pills, try 1.5 or 2 pills and resume your taper. If you have to indeed go back to 3 no big deal either, just resume the taper.

OK I threw out some thoughts, hopefully that helps. If you have ANY other questions fire away.

Good luck, and I always tell folks they are stronger then they think and visualize your goal, visualize winning, visualize not on drugs and how wonderful life will be because I can tell you that my life has been so absolutely wonderful in 2003 without drugs, better then EVER before and much, much better the using drugs.

You are awesome!


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